GT simulator

With an extensive garage of GT and Touring Cars tested by professional drivers, the benefits of simulation is no longer restricted to single seater drivers.Send hire enquiry

Capitalising on Darren Turner's extensive GT racing experience, combined with his involvement with world-leading simulators, the BPS GT is a purpose built tool for both professionals and amateur racers.

Using a real GT chassis provides not only more representative visuals, but a more comfortable environment for drivers, some of which may never have driven a single-seater before.

Equipped with two seats, your driver coach or engineer has the option to instruct you from in-car to make sure you make the most of every lap.

After a run you can relocate to the BPS GT control room to complete your data analysis. In order to ensure that clients get the most out of a session, BPS can arrange GT or Touring car specialist engineers and driver coaches to extract the best lap time ahead of your next event.

BPS is constantly developing all of its car models to make sure they are the most accurate in the field, and GTs and Touring Cars are not ignored. With a choice of either paddle or stick shift gear change, we can even assist historic racers and rally drivers.

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