Simulator sales

We make simulators. For teams, drivers, professionals, amateurs, corporate initiatives. We work with all our clients to find the best possible simulator solution for them. We build long-term relationships with each client to make sure your simulator can evolve with you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Expert in the simulation for endurance racing, BPS offers an authentic and immersive GT driving experience. Manufactured from a genuine racing chassis, fitted with BPS developed hardware, this is the ultimate simulator for closed roof racers.

With a passenger seat, this simulator is ideal for pro-am partnership training, novice coaching and corporate events.

BPS 4.8

BPS 4.8 has a five metre wraparound screen, which creates a fully immersive driving environment. This triple projector, single-seater simulator has been designed from the ground up by BPS to produce an interactive virtual reality to enable the driver/team to maximise both experience and potential.

Capable of GP3 levels of feedback through an LCD display steering wheel, the BPS 4.8 is the choice of teams and professionals.

BPS 2.0

The single projector BPS 2.0 is very much designed for the private individual, enabling them to have a simulator at home without the running costs involved with a larger simulator.

Still using the high quality BPS graphics and hardware, but with a variety of smaller screen options and a single, configurable control station, BPS 2.0 can be added to a garage, games room or workshop.

BPS Bespoke

BPS can use their extensive knowledge of simulation to create bespoke solutions to suit any style of racing, car type or installation space.

We work with our customers to come up with something to suit their needs, whether that is a system for high-volume event use, supporting a manufacturer program, or a luxury specification to be situated in a well-appointed home.

Service and support

Both options are ready to deliver 12 weeks from order and can be shipped and installed globally. Our highly-skilled BPS team will assemble and commission each system before training you to operate your own simulator.

Every simulator comes with one year of technical support free of charge and licensed software, so we are always on hand to make sure your simulator can evolve with your requirements.

Using Base Performance's expertise and experience in circuit and car modelling, the destination and car you require is always available.

Finance may be available subject to credit checks.

One year warranty on all major components is also included. Terms and conditions apply.