Single-seater simulator

This state-of-the art simulator has been designed from the ground up by BPS to produce an interactive virtual reality to enable the driver/team to maximise both experience and potential. Send hire enquiry

Our single-seater simulator has a six metre wraparound screen, which creates a fully immersive driving environment. Whilst seated in the cockpit you will be surrounded by high resolution graphics from floor to ceiling. Professional quality speakers deliver realistic sound.

In 2015 BPS invested in a state of the art Moog motion system. Moving with six degrees of freedom, the simulator provides physical cues to your body, replicating the motion of a car on track. This technology is used by fighter pilots, commercial airlines and research centres across the world.

Recreate your normal driving position with our electronically adjustable pedal box. Our steering wheel, complete with LCD screen, connects you to your virtual race car. BPS offers a wide range of car models to deliver simulator solutions for all levels of competition.

Our car model can be developed and manipulated to mimic any real vehicle. Live telemetry is transmitted to the control run to be analysed by your team, or with a BPS simulation expert. This data can be taken away at the end of the session to allow further integration into your racing programme.

BPS provides teams and drivers with the technology they need to get the results they want. We spend our time making sure that our software, track modelling and car files are up to date and accurate, so you are familiar with the track you need for your next race.

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